The Science Students' Association has 8 official clubs with something for everyone. Take a look below, and if you have any questions please contact our VP External Lauren Massey at The rules for clubs posting posters can be found here.


Sci-X is a club for uOttawa students dedicated to increasing awareness of career/eduction opportunities in science as well as increasing involvement of science students in the field of science. We host several nights including Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Honours, and Veterinary. You can email for more information.


  HSNA is the Health Science Networking Association. For more information please email

The Catalyst

  The Catalyst is a student science journal committed to informing and entertaining students all over campus. We write about the latest and greatest research discoveries, offer opinions and advice, and share science-themed puzzles and comics. Pick up your copy in Marion or Biosciences today, or check out our website ( to learn how to get involved or you can also email!

Chem Club

  The University of Ottawa Undergraduate Chemistry Society (or fondly referred to as Chem Club) is a club which serves as a social frame work bringing chemistry and science students together. They also work towards increasing the profile of the discipline of Chemistry on campus as an important part of our lives, as well as serving as an academic aid to people studying chemistry - club members or otherwise. You can check out their website ( to learn how to get involved or you can email

Environmental Science Students Association

  The Environmental Science Association is focused on environmental and sustainability themed activities, projects and goals. In the past we have gone apple picking, we've thrown documentary and movie nights, we've had guest speakers, we've gone to museums and Imaxes, and we've gathered at vegetarian restaurants. This club isn’t just for science or environmental science students, it’s for anyone with an interest in the environment or who is keen to learn more. We are a pretty small group but we are always looking for new students and we would love to hear your ideas for future club activities. Looking to join the EVSA? Download your application form here! For more information please email


 For more information please contact

The Physics Society of uOttawa

  The Physics Society of uOttawa (SPSUO) aims to connect all students interested in physics. We feature events both highly related to physics (such as guest Prof lecture) and not-so related to physics (such as movie nights). Anyone is welcome to join and participate in our events. Join us by clicking here! For more information you can also email

Club Event/Subsidy Request Form

If your club is seeking subsidy from the SSA following an event please fill out the following Google Form. If you are having difficulty filling out the form please contact our VP External, Lauren Massey, at

Clubs event subsidies will require the completion of Club Event/Subsidy Form.

New Club Application Process

Looking to start a new club? By starting a club, you are eligible for funding from the Science Students’ Association to help host events and activities. The process is simple, and your club does not even need to be scientific in nature. Plus, you’ll be helping to bring together students with similar goals and interests.

Club registration for the Fall semester will be due September 25th. Registration of a new club will require the completion of the Club Registration Form, the Club Calendar Form, and the Executive Officers Signing Signatures Form along with the online submission of a simple Club Constitution. New clubs are required to submit a Club Support Form.

Contact Lauren Massey at for more information.