Current Opportunities

Did you love being a 101er or guide? Do you want to help make 101 Week 2017 a huge success for incoming students? Do you want to help raise money for Shinerama? If yes, the SSA invites you to join our summer executive team and apply for a manager position! 
Click here to apply! Please submit your application by 5PM on April 25th to be considered. Click the buttons below for more information about the summer executive and manager positions.
Avez-vous aimé être un guide ou un 101er? Voulez-vous aider à rendre la Semaine 101 2017 un grand succès pour les nouveaux étudiants? Voulez-vous aider à lever des fonds pour Shinerama? Si oui, l'AÉS vous invites à joindre l'équipe exécutive de l'été et pour soumettre un application pour devenir un directeur!
Cliquer ici pour appliquer! Soumettez votre application avant 17h le 25 avril pour être considéré(e)


Other Opportunities

Here at the SSA-AÉS, we have countless volunteering and academic opportunities for you. From volunteering at Pay it Forward Fridays to SSA-AÉS scholarships, we have many opportunities for science students. If you are interested in particular volunteering or academic opportunities, please complete the form below. We will get back to you ASAP!

(Stay tuned for a list of volunteer and academic opportunities on our site)

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