The Science Students Association places great importance in responsible stewardship of your student money, and therefore publishes its annual budget to promote financial transparency.

The Vice-President Finance of the Science Students’ Association, Thomas Ehret, is responsible for reviewing and ensuring the proper management of the SSA’s finances. He is responsible for drafting a budget outlining the yearly priorities of the organisation, and examining the financial feasibility of the SSA’s big projects and events. Click the buttons below to view the approved budget:

If you have any questions about the finances of the Science Students’ Association or require any further information, please e-mail Thomas at finance@ssa-aes.com.

Total SSA Subsidy for 2017-2018 ($)

Total SSA Revenue 2017-2018 ($)

Events Expenses Breakdown ($)

Total events expenses is $62,375.00

External Expenses Breakdown ($)

Total external expenses is $32,355.61.

Administrative Expenses Breakdown ($)

Total administrative expenses are $54,800.00. Professional development includes First Aid Training, Smart Serve Training, and Executive Retreats (Leader Action). Promotions include Printing and Advertising.