Check out the platformes of the candidates below!

You can vote with your uOttawa email at 6:00pm on September 26th until 6:00pm on September 28th!

Time until voting begins:


Denis Qeska

Hi everyone! My name is Denis Qeska and I am running to be your Biochem Rep.

As your rep, I hope to work with all of you to integrate your ideas to make your year better. Did you know that Denny’s is open 24/7? Likewise, this Denny is open to your suggestions at any time.

I already have experience from being part of SSA last year, so I know a thing or two about organizing events like Coffee House in support of Movember, and Games Night. I also have experience with keeping you in the loop about ongoing events through class talks. I hope to continue doing all of the above and more.

I think we can all agree that navigating online researcher profiles can be quite daunting when interested in research. Furthermore, our program has many applications outside of chemistry. That is why I aim to organize an informal session with faculty members from related departments to find out more about what interests you and how you can get involved. Research and academia are not the only things out there. As such, I would also reach out to alumni working in the industry to find out more about what other options are out there. While these are just a few of my ideas, I look forward to hearing from you and applying your suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to read this blurb!

Vote for Denis!

Amanda D'attolico

My name is Amanda D’Attolico and I am a third year biochemistry student specializing in microbiology and immunology here at the University of Ottawa. I have been involved with the SSA as a 101 week guide for the past two years and would love the opportunity to represent students in the biochemistry program on the SSA’s general council for the upcoming school year. In this position I hope to promote a stronger sense of community among biochemistry students by helping to plan both academic and social events, and I look forward to meeting new people in my program and the faculty of science in the process! I am a very hard worker, I love working with others, and I am very passionate about biochemistry and science in general – all qualities I feel that will make me an amazing biochemistry rep.

Valentina Zambrano

My name is Valentina Zambrano and I am a second-year biochemistry student. I am running as biochemistry representative because I want to be able to voice YOUR concerns, ideas and suggestions to the SSA executive team. Our program has great potential in many areas of science and I want us to be able to discover and learn together so that we can build a strong community where we can rely on one another. You should consider me as your representative because I am a friendly and reliable person. I can balance my responsibilities and will make sure whatever is planned reaches completion. As biochemistry representative, I plan to hold information sessions for all biochemistry students where different opportunities and initiatives can be shared. I also want to create fun spaces where we can connect and get to know everyone in the program. To see more of my platform, visit @VALBCHREP on Facebook. I hope to gain your trust and vote.

Vote Valentina for Biochemistry representative. Your VOICE, your CHOICE.

Biomedical Science

Nefertina Lau

My name is Nefertina Lau and I’m a third year BIM student who’s running to be your Biomedical Sciences Representative. As your representative I would be bringing issues that are important to you to the SSA while informing you about events that will be held throughout the year, whether it be faculty- wide or within the biomed program. With experience in event planning from other clubs, I would be able to bring my skills into the SSA when helping to plan for these events! As a team leader and player, I will ensure to work well and take initiative with other members of the SSA and of course with my peers outside of the association. As a great listener and mediator, I will consider and discuss feedback and ideas concerning all students to make sure that no one is left unheard. I will do my best to represent BIM with open communication with the SSA and all students. Don’t forget to Def vote Nef!

Pawrnaa Perinpanayagam

Hello! My name is Pawrnaa Perinpanayagam and I would love the opportunity to be your BIM Rep for the year. Entering my fifth year of study, having three years of SSA experience (First-Year Rep, Senator, and VP Philanthropic), and being bilingual, I believe I can fulfill the role of BIM Rep to the fullest. Below are some of the ideas/initiatives I would like to implement in the upcoming year:

1.What the BIM?

Sometimes being in BIM, it may seem the options post-grad are limited. “What the BIM?” will be a series where once a month young professionals who may be BIM alumni or with similar backgrounds will come in to share their journey. The goal of this event is to give some insight as to what to do after with your BIM degree and provide the opportunity to network with people of similar backgrounds.  

2.Database of Research Opportunities

Working along with the other representatives and the VP Academic, I hope to create an online database where students can turn to when looking for a professor for UROP, Honours or general research volunteering. The goal of this initiative will be to make the process of participating in undergraduate research more accessible.  

3.Study Hall

During mid-term season and exam season, “Study Hall” sessions will be held in MRN basement or BioSciences. Different sessions will be targeted towards specific courses (i.e. BIO2133, BIO3124, etc.) and the TA’s of those courses will be present to answer any questions or doubts. The goal of this initiative will be to aid in students’ academic success.

Eleni Sokou

My goals as Biomedical Science representative:

- Ensure transparency between the SSA and students by holding monthly consultation sessions for Biomedical Science students to discuss what you want to see from your Student Association and Faculty.

- Expose students in Biomedical Science to future prospects other than medical school and research by hosting a career fair.

- Bring in guest speakers for a deeper understanding of going through medical school applications and the medical school experience.

- Host a Social Science and Science panel with our uOttawa professors for introducing the connection of Social Science fields (ie psychology, sociology, medical anthropology) with our Biomedical Health System.

- Create and upkeep an official uOttawa Biomedical Science Facebook page for sharing of resources, event updates and open communication within students in the program.

- Organize bonding events within the Biomedical program and between programs to build connections and start networking (ie Science Olympics, Board Game Night, Canal skating outings, Science Bingo with prizes).

- Hold free study sessions and lab-report help for individual subjects.

- Hold free sessions for learning tricks and shortcuts for software like ChemDraw, LoggerPro, R and creating graphs on Excel.

- Coco and Cram sessions for final exams preparation (hot chocolate, cookies and cram!).

- Organize fundraisers to provide all events and services to students for free or minimal cost.

Radhika Prabhune

Hello! My name is Radhika Prabhune, and I am a student in my second year of biomedical sciences. I want to represent you in the science students' association by hearing you and by organizing extraordinary events, so that this year is your best. As your representative, I will be your first point of contact with the association to answer your questions and concerns. I want to connect with you and create an open space where anyone can talk to me about any apprehensions regarding the program. Also, I will be in charge of two events for our department. I want to have an informative session that is welcoming to everyone, including faculty and alumni so that we can gain inspiration for our future in science. I understand that we are very different in our aspirations. Medicine is not the only job route, so I want to show you all the options we have. For a social event, I want to introduce you to other students in our huge program with events like dances and BIM Breakfast, so raise money for charity and meet each other in more casual environments. Before we leave the university, I want to make sure that, while we have professional connections, we also developpe more links with people in our department. I’m excited for this next year and I hope you are too!


Chloe Clarkson

Vote for me to be your biology representative for the school year of 2018/2019. I want to make a tight knit community for biology students. I would do this by hosting events for students of all years to come. Also, I would want to find a way to get professors to meet the undergraduate students in some events. Lastly, I would want to provide a way to get biology students involved in the field of biology and get experience. Vote for me Chloe Clarkson to have these opportunities.

Mahmoud Adi

Hi, my name is Mahmoud Adi and I am a second year Biology student. As a potential Biology representative, I seek to bring students closer to the faculty and make it easier for them to make small changes to their programs. I would also like to enhance their academic experience and connect them to professors and scientists in order to facilitate their transition from university life to future careers in research. Moreover, I also want to create a friendlier environment within our faculty by organizing multiple student bonding events that incorporate board games, pool, darts and shuffle board. It is also important to allow biology students to better connect with nature by organizing camping trips that include a variety of recreational activities like kayaking, birdwatching and fishing.

Instagram: mahmoudadi91

Sanaz Karimi

Hi! My name is Sanaz Karimi and I am running to be YOUR Biology Representative! I am a second-year biology student and I have something in common with each of you; I have a passion for biology. It is my dedication that has driven me to run as your representative. In order to spread this passion for biology I am organizing fun events that bring food and science together that will provide a warm, welcoming, and thriving environment where we can play games, share pizza, and talk science! I know that coming to university as a freshman can feel overwhelming and stressful.  I will be hosting an academic symposium providing as much advice and assistance for anyone who needs it. What I would like to achieve as your representative (other than bragging rights) is to bring us together so we can have a chill environment away from all the chaos where everyone can feel relaxed and talk about something we all love, biology, while eating delicious pizza and playing games. Vote for me, Sanaz Karimi, as YOUR Biology Representative I only make science jokes…periodically.


Nora Wong

Anjaliya Sonnial

Biotech is a difficult program that has been very rarely represented within the faculty of science or engineering, except for the common "Oh you're in biotech?Why would you do that to yourself?" For the first year, in the SSA, we have our own platform which needs a good representative, and I'm ready to go above and beyond to represent us biotech students. And even more so, any change you'd like to see can be brought to light by me. A vote for Anjaliya is a vote for "Hell yea we're stressed and running on 2 hours of sleep because of 7 courses, but we've got this!" #VoteAnjaliya

Biopharmaceutical Science

Ricky Saikali

Hey, I’m Ricky a second year running as Biopharmaceutical Science rep. I decided this year I want to be more involved and help those around me. What better way than to run as my program rep and make difference in everyone in BPS’ lives. I started the year off by volunteering as a guide during 101-week and my plan is to get even more involved. If I become rep my main goal is going to be setting up events (at least 2) that will help with the ongoing struggle of trying to find a career path. I hope to help my program in finding their career paths by showing them through events that introduces them to specialists like a pharmacist, researcher and many more. There are countless career paths you can take as a student in Biopharmaceutical science.

Muyiwa Womiloju

Hey guys! Welcome to another school year at uOttawa. My name is Muyiwa Womiloju. I’m a third year BPS student specializing in Medicinal Chemistry. The BPS program here at uOttawa is very rich and diverse and yet I feel like we do not have a community that is as tight as it could be. During first and second year I did not get the chance to meet many other people in BPS. My first goal this year will be to create a stronger BPS community through activities like games night or movie night. This year I also hope to hold information sessions for first and second year students who are deciding on whether they want to specialize in genomics or medicinal chemistry. I’d like to invite Professor Ben (the director of the BPS program) and other BPS professors like Professor Boddy and Professor Pratt to give students tips and information on how to progress in the BPS program. There are a lot more opportunities for us than most of us realize and I hope to share what I’ve learned over the last couple of years with you. Overall, in my campaign this year I would like to get to meet more BPS students and get to know you all. Don’t ever be afraid to approach me, all the BPS students I’ve meet so far are super cool (way better than the BIM students). I hope you all have a great school year!!

Oceanne Comtois

Hi everyone! Some of you may recognize me as the tuft of white hair you see sitting in your classes or hanging around campus. My name is Oceanne Comtois and I am a third year biopharmaceutical sciences student hoping to become your biopharm representative! My job as a biopharm representative is to advocate for YOU! Not only will I be your liaison to the SSA and the faculty of science, I will assist the SSA in creating fun events and initiatives to benefit all science students.

If I were elected on general council, I have so many ideas that would benefit biopharmaceutical science students as well as other science students.

First of all, I would like to arrange opportunities for biopharm students to hear about all the job possibilities available to them with their degree. We all know medical school and research is an option but I’ve known many people who couldn’t be less interested in these options and are wondering what they could possibly do. I’d love to either arrange interviews or question and answer series with professionals such as scientists in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic scientists, pharmaceutical sales representatives, veterinarians, pharmacists, lawyers, teachers, government workers and others to give everyone in the program peace of mind that they will find their thing and give them goals to work towards.

Secondly, I would like to implement some fun social nights for students in BPS. I always hear, “Wow I only know three people in BPS”, and I think we should change that. I’d love for biopharm to feel like a tight-knit community and I think we could do this through lab coat decorating events, study nights (perhaps with free food? Everyone loves free food!), a group movie night, a group volunteering session or whatever your heart desires. If I were elected, I want to hear from you!

In addition, I would love to implement an official science textbook trading group. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds it painful to sift through pages and pages of political science, communications, and Telfer books when I’m looking for a bio book.

Lastly, as a firm believer in equity, I would like to work with the SSA and the faculty of science to tackle certain accessibility issues. By creating braille signs for classroom numbers in science buildings and making sure our science spaces are barrier-free for everyone. In addition, I would like to create events or initiatives that promote and celebrate women in STEM.

I encourage you all to vote through your uOttawa email from September 26th at 6 pm until September 28th at 6 pm. I hope to be able to represent you soon! Vote for Oceanne Comtois!


Victoria Ogden

Hi! My name is Victoria Ogden, and I am running for Chemistry Representative. I am in my second year of chemistry, and I have had the privilege of meeting you many of you already.

I am running for Chemistry Representative because I want to help plan and shape events for all my science friends, including you. Simply put, I want our year together to be the best year yet.

If elected as your 2018 Chemistry Representative, I would not only focus on planning our information session and social event, but I also intend to focus on promoting the services and resources that are available across campus for chemistry and science students. I would actively continue multifaceted duties that the SSA currently oversees. In addition, I want to represent you in the case that chemistry programs are reviewed and refined.

In closing, I would like to thank you for reading my platform. As I am running uncontested, I simply ask for your support September 26 through 28 as science students vote – with their uOttawa emails. If you are looking for a committed, passionate, and insightful representative to make this year one to remember, look no further: vote yes for Victoria Ogden.

Environmental Science

Vanessa Fiore

Rachelle Landriau

Hello everyone my name is Rachelle Landriau and I want to be your environmental science representative on the SSA council. I have so many new ideas that I want to bring to students of environmental science to not only help us with our undergrads but further education and future jobs as well. I want to have info nights for student so that they can understand what they are able to do with their degree as well as amazing work opportunities while they are still in school. In addition to this I want to help create a community amongst the environmental science students through events that would allow both upper year and lower year students to get to know each other. Overall I want to create a fun year filled with cool events and a more information about what you can be done with your degree in order for you to achieve your personal goals.

First Year

Sarah Shannon

Nichole Dai

Hello, my name is Nichole Dai and I would be honoured to be one of your next First Year Representative. I’m a first year in biomedical sciences and I have plenty of leadership experiences throughout my four years in high school. I’ve been an exec for many clubs and I am currently on the executive team for Asian Canadians’ Association Ottawa (ACAO). As a First Year Rep, I want to make first year the best experience for you guys so I’m all ears to listen to all your awesome ideas! I aim to bring all the first years close, build stronger bonds and anything to make the transition into first year as smooth as possible. Let me be YOUR voice, vote Nichole Dai!

Matthew Robrigado

Tamara Sandouka

Rahat Sheikh

Samantha Yee

Why you should vote Sam Yee for First Year Rep on the SSA:

I have extensive experience in leadership positions and event planning through Student Council Executive, running Relay for Life, being a Leadership Camp counselor, and a lot of community involvement in high school. I know how to work in a team to complete tasks efficiently and put on large-scale events for large groups of people. A vote for Sam Yee is a vote for a team player who will do her part to get the job done. After all, there are 6 first year reps in total, and if I am voted into one of those 6 positions, I can assure you that working with the other reps to plan and efficiently execute events for first years will be made a priority. As for events, I would like to propose having more competitive, inter-faculty events to continue the phenomenal spirit that the Faculty of Science first years showed during 101 week. By doing this I hope to inspire all Science students to get involved and to make the most out of their university experience.

We all know that online learning tools such as Sapling and Mastering cost a lot of money, and although “optional”, they are in actuality quite necessary in order to have the highest chance of succeeding in a particular course. The excessively high number of online learning tools required to do homework is an issue that affects all Science students, but first year courses more so. Currently, the SSA has $1000/year to subsidize the cost of online learning tools through the Learning Tools Bursary, which is barely enough considering that there are over 4000 students in the Faculty of Science, so easily 1000 first years, many of which need financial aid for these learning tools and aren’t aware that there is (some) help available. I will lobby for more funding to subsidize the cost of these learning tools for Science students, especially first years, and to ensure that the SSA sends out emails and reminders to raise awareness of the fact that there is financial aid available through the SSA.

I will be the first year voice on the SSA that you need, so be sure to check your uOttawa email between Wednesday September 26 @ 6pm and Friday September 28 @ 6pm so you can vote Sam Yee for first year rep on the SSA!

Alexandra Akman

My name is Alexandra and I am a first-year biomedical student. I am passionate about Science, Philanthropy, and my Patagonia sweater! My hope is to help bring the first-year science students closer together as we are such a large group. I know it can feel like we are small fish in a big pond, but I want to make us feel like bigger fish in a smaller pond ☺

Lissandra Tuzi

My name is Lissandra Tuzi and I am in 1st year of Biomed.  I’ve always had a huge passion for sciences, which makes me the perfect candidate for first year rep on the SSA.  I want to ensure that my first year, and every other science students’ first year is the best possible! I will always take every concern or comment seriously and be sure to do the best of my abilities in my role.  I’m super outgoing and approachable and I’ll always be open to any comments or suggestions from the students!

Gabrielle Mckay

Why hello! I’m Gabrielle McKay. First of all, good on you for checking out all these platforms! Way to go participating spirit!

There’s a lot to read here so I’ll cut to the chase; here’s why I want to be a First Year Rep, and why you should want me to be yours.

Why I want to be your Rep :  I have always felt a need to be involved. Be it organizing entire events or just helping tape up decorations, doing things for my community always makes me happy. In high school, that led me to do 200 hours of volunteering in two years! The SSA introduced itself to me with Shinerama, and seeing the good work and fun activities they put on, I knew immediately I wanted to get involved with them. If it’s motivation you want, I got it.

But how exactly can I help you?

Why you should want me as your Rep :  I don’t just talk motivation, I have the walk to back it up. Those 200 hours of volunteering? They taught me to work with budgets, administrative restrictions, internal conflict, scheduling problems- and the list goes on. I know how to live with those issues, and more importantly how to solve them. I’ve been a Year Rep twice over already in high school, and held a number of other positions in ecology, debate and LGBT+ Ally committees, among others. Outside of school, I’ve had long commitment volunteer positions with the Ottawa General Hospital, and helped organize events for hundreds of people. So if it’s experience you’re looking for? I got that too.

TLDR ; I just want to help out, and the SSA is one of the best organizations I can think of to do that. I would bring both executive and practical knowledge to the First Year Rep. position through years of experience in various positions.

So September 26thto September 28th, vote Gabrielle McKay for First Year Representative!

Clarissa Ngo

Hey everyone! My name is Clarissa Ngo, and I am running to be one of your First Year Representatives!

As first year rep, I hope to present all first years with ways to enhance their university experience outside of the classroom, by helping students discover career options, stay in the know about extracurricular opportunities, or and become accustomed to Ottawa and its social life. Here are some ideas of what I’d like to organize if I was elected:

  • Seminars or Q&A sessions with graduate/medical/dental/pharmacy school students, professors, and individuals with a career in science

  • Faculty mixers & networking opportunities

  • Bi-weekly newsletter advertising volunteer, research or scholarship opportunities

In addition, my prior experience as executive member of student council and other clubs in high school have allowed me to develop skills integral to this position, regarding team work, leadership, and time management.

Finally, I'm very outgoing and easy to approach - if you guys ever have any ideas or suggestions you think the SSA should implement, I am always open to hearing them!

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you have a fantastic first year!

Jeffrey Xia

Hi, my name is Jeffery Xia, I’m a first year biomed student, and I hope to be voted in as a first year representative of the SSA.  Looking at the other candidates, I think we can all agree that they are all passionate, hardworking and devoted students with prior experiences in leadership roles and our respective student councils.  And its true for me as well, I’d say that I’m a pretty studious guy, had good grades in high school, devoted myself to many hobbies and passions, and served as my high school’s co-president in my senior year.  So what makes me any different from any of the other candidates?  If there  was one thing that my term as co-president taught me, its to be incredibly realistic with the goals you have in mind, and the promises you make.  I’m not going to promise changes in how the SSA uses its funds, nor propose events that I don’t have the authority to create.  The current SSA is an incredibly competent entity, and I see no reason to try and steer their ship away from its present heading.  All I wish to contribute are small additions or changes that will make the ship more efficient.  Disseminating information on events and opportunities in a way that more people are aware of them.  Sharing more details on the scholarships and bursaries available so that more students can access them.  To have an SSA that provides services that allow for as many students as possible to take advantage of, in regards to their studies, entertainment, finances and their future is the ideal that I want to strive towards.  The more that the SSA can contribute to the student body, the more feedback we will receive, and the more feedback we receive, the more we can adapt to the needs of our students.  I want to be able to hear your voice, so let me be your vote.

Yazmin Olla

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this! I'm running to be one of your six 1st year reps for the SSA's 2018-2019 school year. I'm super excited to be attending this 10/10 school and nothing would make me happier than to be able to make this experience even more exciting for other first years like me. I've been apart of many clubs and organizations like this one where I've had to take on a leadership role and collaborate with others to better the community. I've been grade reps and I've had the honour of being elected Deputy Prime Minister for my final year. If, and hopefully when elected, I will use everything that I've learned to make this year great. I'm passionate, enthusiastic, determined and organized and I want this as badly for me as I want it for you! Imagine the best first year you could think of, now multiply it by 100 because that's how amazing I'll make your first year if you give me the chance! Say "Olla" to your new 1st Year rep and vote Yazmin O when the time comes!

Joaquin-Andres Ackland-Snow

Hi, all you science nerds,

If there's one word my peers would use to describe me, its Scienceleaderteamplayerbestfitfortheposition. Although I'm by no means the best candidate, I think my past experience on student council, MC'ing for YLCC and other events, and my fluency in English, Spanish and French make me a contender for the best candidate in the game. I hope we can have fun together this year and give it our all! 

Isaac Kuk


Liam Kenny